just by way of an aside, post — …’ is not anti-anything, it does not operate to oppose anything … or maybe this should be in the manifesto?

it was after the seventh time, the seventh time someone who was in my life, with whom i had become entangled, whom i loved, who loved me and then rejected me, found me wanting — or not wanting enough, that i finally came to the end of the road of love, of being loved and wanting to be loved, needing to be loved in order to feel like i exist.

and instead of falling in love again, i stumbled across and into post-love — and it enfolded me and i unfolded into it and i realised falling in love is falling flat on your face and thinking hey… i like this pain!’

but hey, if you like this pain, and/or you like inflicting it on someone who likes it, go right ahead….










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